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PinupsOnFilm is a very unique archive of original photography from the 60's, 70's, and 80's from some of the top adult magazine publishers of which we purchased the exclusive copyrights. Until PinupsOnFilm, most retro adult site images came from crude magazine scans. Our sites content comes from the original negatives and photos.

We are a very new product and we need to get the word out there of this very unique website. Around 90% of the content of PinupsOnFilm never saw the pages of the adult magazines (and they were all excellent shots, editors had only limited space). These photos were taken from famous photographers of the day including Elmer Batters, Gary Sohler, Nippy, ORM, Howard Roark, Larry Ellison, and many many others.

We hope to be one of the top websites for vintage erotica as our product hits critical mass and we want our affiliates to profit from this. Our focus is on quality and that is why we purchased the best scanners to bring this archive that had been sitting for upwards of 50 years!

We will be providing you with free hosted galleries and new content very often as well as some of the nicest teaser banners of vintage erotica. We hope you will enjoy this website as much as we had in designing it.

Thank you,

PinupsOnFilm Staff